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Author Interviews – June 2018 Interviews

06/05/2018 – Chigozie Mbadugha

06/12/2018 – Melody Delagado

06/19/2018 – E. A. West

06/26/2018 – Jennifer Froelich

Barn Town Children’s Newsletter – June 2018

The newest members of Barn Town are two baby American Buff geese.  They are
not quite one week old. Opera and Button (our two American Buff Geese hens)
lost the nests of eggs due to all the rain and humidity. Their eggs went bad. Opera
was beside herself. She wouldn’t get off her empty nest.
So I contacted a friend, Kathy Hopkins of Silver Springs Waterfowl,

to see if she had any hatch-lings. She did. We picked them up on
on Friday, the 18th.  The response of the adult geese was everything
we hoped.
American Buff Goose Characteristics 
American Buff goose is a medium sized breed with a lovely apricot-fawn color. The buff-colored feathers on it’s back, and sides are edged with creamy white color. Abdomen of these birds is nearly white. Their feet and bill are of orange to reddish orange in color. And the hard nail at the tip of the bill is a pale pink in coloration. Their eyes are of brown color. Their legs may be of fade to pink color during laying eggs, or when green grass is not available. Their neck is of medium long with deeply furrowed feathers. They have a chunky body with little or no evidence of a keel, a slightly arched back, and two rounded fatty lobes on the abdomen.

Eve Culley

Part One: The Demise of Rooster Cogburn

This story can be found at Free Stories of Barn Town.

July’s Newsletter will have Part Two of:
The Demise of Rooster Cogburn.
Until then,

Happy Reading!

Books I Recommend:
Bound by a Dragon – by    Linda K. Hopkins
The Bees Down the Garden by DC Swain with Anna Bonita

The Jungle Book by  Rudyard Kipling




Author Interviews – -May Interviews
5/01/2018 – Penny Shriver

5/08/2018 – Linda Suit

5/15/2018 – Laura Hines

05/22/2018 – Brett Armstrong

05/29/2018 – Sue Ford

Barn Town Children Books – May 2018 Newsletter

The newest member of Barn Town is Savannah. She is a cross between a miniature donkey and a standard donkey.  When she came to us, in March, she was eight months old. She has the sweetest nature.  In the mornings she will stop at the barn door before going out so she can get her coat brushed and get her morning hugs. All the goats wait patiently behind her until she is ready to move out into the barnyard.

Her markings of the cross on her back extend all the way to her tail and over both shoulders. She is called a Jerusalem Donkey.

She brays whenever she sees hubby (the Sheriff of Barn Town) outside and comes running over to him for extra hugs and rubs. Due to her attitude toward us, the young goat kids now bunch around us to get their pats as well.

When hubby walks around the place, it looks like a mini ark surrounding him. There are chickens, geese, goats, turkeys and of course Savannah escorting him wherever he goes.


Barn Town Children Books – April 2018 Newsletter

Author Interviews – April Interviews

4/3/2018 – Melinda Kaffer

4/10/2018 – Bruce A. Stewart

4/17/2018 – Emily-Jane Hills Orford

04/24/2018 – Sara Turnquist

Barn Town Children Books

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Book Review: Blood of Adam (Generations of Noah Series Book 1) | Online Magazine | Pandora’s Box Gazette