Fun Facts at Barn Town

barn at Triple R-1

1 – A rooster will start crowing at 2:30 a.m. (if the moon is bright) and crow off and on until dark that night. (We presently have 13 roosters at Barn Town.)

2 – Our   Great Pyrenees will jump 2 to 3 feet off the ground into the air after hawks flying over Barn Town. Tasha will do this all day long to chase away the hawks. The hawks do leave and go fly elsewhere for a while and then return later in hopes of a chicken dinner. Repeat as needed.

3 – Geese hiss, honk, and squawk at visitors (2 legged and 4) to alert about a threat. They are better than guard dogs. (Our neighbors love us in the middle of the night when their sound carries very well.)

4 – Goats can and do jump four to five feet high to get to a limb of a tree they like so they can eat the tender leaves.

5 – Savannah, the donkey, will bray to say “Hello” to my hubby whenever he’s outside, even if he was just outside five minutes earlier.

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