Fanya in the Underworld

Jordan Elizabeth – author

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Aaron Siddall (Illustrator)






Fanya in the Underworld









I have reviewed many of her stories and am always on the lookout for her next one. Normally Steampunk is not my genre, but Jordan’s work is the exception. I was also excited to see the cook illustrations by Aaron Siddall. Good job man, good job.

The character of Joy confused me at first, mainly because of who or what he is in the story. However by the end, I was very happy that he had made it all the way through the story.  There were other characters who I rooted for (the mammoths for one) as well as the ones who had evil in their hearts. Overall, it was a well-balanced story I thought. There were many twists and turns and some really unexpected consequences of Fanya’s actions. All in all, it is an interesting, thrilling, dramatic, mysterious, and a little scary story (not for the faint of heart) which I think all readers can enjoy.

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