I know who did it and I’m not telling!

The Clockwork Dollhouse by Jordan Elizabeth

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I have read other works by Jordan Elizabeth, and I must say that this story meets all my expectations of her work. It is particularly appropriate for this fall season as it is a mystery with an unexpected twist at the end. The mechanical dolls with the eerie true to life events dollhouse make for an unusual backdrop for a who-done-it mystery. One I enjoyed very much.

I would recommend this book. It was a quick read for me, and the events moved rather well throughout the story as you are sure you have it figured out until the end when you realize that the author snuck one over on you. Good job Jordan!


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Jordan Elizabeth writes down her nightmares in order to live her dreams. When she’s not creating art or searching for lost history in the woods, she’s updating her blog. Jordan roams Central New York, but she loves to travel.

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