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It is nice to meet you! Tell us a bit about you where are you from and other than writing what else do you enjoy?

I was born in Texas, grew up in Longmont, Colo., and have lived in Rocky Ford, Colo., Raton, N.M., and Duncan, Okla., before I settled down in Kingman, Kan., where I have lived for the past four years. I am a writer and photographer for small-town newspapers, so I’ve been writing as a career for a long time. Along with writing, I enjoy watching DVDs, collecting football cards, volunteering for the Kingman County Humane Society and enjoying walks.

How did you start writing? What was your inspiration to create?

I had ideas for a book after watching the animated TV series Young Justice, which focused on teenage superheroes in ways that went beyond their work as superheroes – it focused on their lives outside of that work, too. So I had ideas for a team of teenage superheroes but didn’t know how they would come together or what the world would be like. Then I read The Hunger Games, came to appreciate the world building Suzanne Collins undertook, and that’s when I had the idea for teenage superheroes in a dystopian environment. From there, The Six Pack was born.

Who is your favorite author, and is there anyone out there that inspires you?

Along with Collins, I enjoy George Orwell, who inspired my writing as well. I also like Stephen King and Douglas Adams.

What genre do you enjoy reading? What’s your favorite book and why?

Young adult and science fiction would be my favorite genres. I could go all day long regarding what my favorite books would be, but I have to include The Hunger Games series, 1984, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Outsiders and The Stand among my favorites.

If you’ve published a series, what is the series about?

The Six Pack Series focuses on six teenagers who acquire superpowers through a drink and must learn how to control their powers and how they can change a society that is controlled, in large part, through another drink. Along the way, they have to learn how to work together to solve problems and figure out who they can trust along the way.

 What was it like creating back to back stories that link?

It required me to think of a longer story arc through multiple books and how events in one book would impact events that take place in a later book. It took a lot of time to get all the books in the series completed – in fact, the third book is still undergoing beta reads and final edits. But it’s been worth it to see the longer story arc come together.

Have you ever thought about writing in a different genre? If you could, what genre would you like to dabble in?

I’ve given thought to writing mysteries, but that requires a different mindset because you have to know what the outcome will be and how to place clues and developments earlier into the story, that tie into the outcome.

What has been your most proud moment as an author?

Finding a publisher! It took more than six months before I found somebody who was willing to take a chance on my first novel. I owe a lot to Stephanie Taylor at Clean Reads for giving me that chance.

Are you a “plotter” or a fly by the seat of your pants “pantster” as a writer?

I’m a plotter for the most part, but there are times when I engage in “pantster” mode, in which things don’t go the way I expect them to go.

What three tips would you give any aspiring writer?

The obvious one: Do a lot of reading! Another obvious one: Do a lot of writing, whether it’s blog posts, short stories or anything else that allows you to practice.

 The other tip I would give aspiring writers is to work your imagination – that means you take the time to explore what’s on your mind and think about “what if” scenarios and what might happen if certain circumstances arose.

What are you working on now? What will you release next?

The third book in The Six Pack Series, as I’ve mentioned. I also need to sit down and finalize an outline for a spinoff book I have in mind.

So… where can we get your books?

The first two books in The Six Pack Series are available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.     

How would you define what being a successful writer means?

A successful writer is somebody who writes a book that other people enjoy. One doesn’t need to sell thousands of copies – all a writer needs to know is that there are people out there who enjoy the book.

What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

I find it’s best to minimize your research when you start the first draft, but when you sit down to review it, you go out and research material to make sure you are accurate with terminology, operations, concepts, etc. If you do too much research before your first draft, you can be overwhelmed with trying to get everything right the first time. Just put the ideas you have into written form, then after you’ve had the chance to review what you’ve written, that’s when you should do research. And as for how much, that all depends on what I’ve written and how many spots in which I ask the question “is that really how this works?”

What’s your writing schedule like?

It varies depending on my real-life schedule and when I find inspiration. When I do write, it’s mostly in the evenings, though I may find some time on weekend afternoons.

How have your family and friends accepted your career as a writer? Are they supportive?

I can’t ask for better support from my family. They are always interested in how things are coming along with my books. I have several friends who are asking questions as well, even if they may not always understand the ideas that go through my mind!

Do you tend to base your characters on real people or are they totally from your imagination?

A combination of the two. There are a couple of characters who were inspired by real people, but I vary them so they aren’t clones. And when it comes to my six primary characters in The Six Pack Series, I put a little bit of myself into each of them.

What would you like readers to know?

That I always appreciate hearing from them about what they liked or didn’t like about the books and I hope they continue to show interest in the adventures my characters will take.



By B.W. Morris

It all started with a drink – a drink that gave Tyler Ward and five of his friends superpowers. Now they must figure out how their new powers can change society.

But who can they trust?

Who has their best interests in mind and who has a bigger agenda?

And what cost comes with change?

The young adult, science fiction/dystopian series is published by Clean Reads.


Available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Just weeks before Tyler Ward is to graduate from secondary school, he learns the truth about Novusordo and how a drink controls the population. After sharing this information with his five friends, they visit a professor’s house, take another drink and gain strange powers. It leads to them learning more about how the government controls people and the discovery of a movement against the government. Calling themselves the Six Pack, Tyler and his friends must learn how their powers can change society. But they first must learn to trust this movement… and even each other.


Available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Months after the Six Pack has fled City 37N104W, Tyler Ward wonders how much longer the Underground Network can afford to wait to make its next move against the Novusordo government. The disappearance of five more students from Monroe Secondary School pushes his desire to take action. And when he learns that Professor Roger Woods may be in trouble, he is convinced he and the Six Pack must take matters into their own hands, even if it means defying the Network. But actions have consequences, and the decisions Tyler and his friends make will impact everyone they encounter — including themselves.


In editing stages, targeted for release in 2019. More info to be announced.


About the author:

B.W. Morris is a longtime writer for small-town newspapers who put his inner comic book geek to work through writing novels. Born in Texas but grew up in Colorado, he has lived in New Mexico, Oklahoma and currently resides in Kingman, Kan. Greg Weisman, Suzanne Collins, Stan Lee, George Orwell and Conor Friedersdorf all influenced his writing. Morris is a fan of the Young Justice animated series, the Arrowverse shows on the CW Network, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Star Wars films and more graphic novels than he can keep track. You can learn more about his love for science fiction at his website at






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