A Sad But Necessary Day.

Today was the day that was very hard on the residences of Barn Town. Today was the day that the eight and nine month old babie goats left us. In the past, some went to larger herds to be brought into their breeding programs; some went into smaller beginner herds and some went to homes as pets. No one was untouched on this day. Everyone knew their jobs. Everyone worked to make it as painless as possible.

That would change today, Puzzle decided that she would not leave home. She would not cooperate. She was definitely not leaving Barn Town. No one consulted her. Just ask her. She screamed in her loudest voice. Did not matter whether it was her inside or outside voice, according to her, in plain, simple, loud language, we were wrong!

She protested so loudly that the geese got upset and started taking her side. “If she didn’t want to leave home, why should we make her?” They wanted to know.

Savannah, the donkey, got upset and started kicking her hind legs at anything that moved. OK, we needed to get Savannah out of the barn before she embarrassed herself and connected with one of us. Telling everyone to watch out, I opened the door to let her out. BIG MISTAKE! Puzzle hit the door right as Savannah started out. Door flew open; Puzzle developed wings and flew past me. Savannah still upset and now mad on top of it, bucked her way out of the barn.

Hubby decided that we could just walk up to her with a grain can and she would have a change of mind. Ya right! Like that was gonna happen. Long story short, (I know right.) All the babies loaded nicely and are gone. Puzzle? Puzzle is in barn eating supper. Guess she was right. She wasn’t leaving Barn Town.

Good thing I’m not in the mood for goat meat spaghetti tonight.

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