Anita Rodgers – Thank you so very much!

Look at what my lovely postal person delivered today! I am so excited and want to say… Thank you, thank you, Annie.


If you have never read one of her books let me give you a sneek of what this book is about. Sssh – Don’t tell Annie, OK?

Who knew that buying a diner could be murder?

Welcome to the whacky world of plucky waitress and pastry chef, Scotti Fitzgerald, where food is love and the answer to most problems.

Except perhaps, murder.

After five years of working her tail off to buy Manny the Cuban’s diner, Scotti is hurtling down the home stretch to seal the deal. But her investor’s sudden death stops everything in its tracks—and the money she was counting on is gone.

Racing against time, scrambling for money, and competing against a secret buyer, Scotti’s once well-ordered life is now totally out of control. If she wants her diner dreams to come true, she’ll have to put on her big girl pants, step into a world of high society, deceit, and back stabbing in order to solve a murder. Piece of cake, right?

What you want more? Don’t blame you and to be honest, it’s why I got the book.   (grin).

Again, Annie … Thank you so very much for writing this book!

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