Ann Jones – Her new interview is fantastic!

Ann sent me the link to her new interview and sshh I am going to steal her thunder and share it with you! As the author of two “kick butt” books, Missing and Trapping, her work is awe inspiring to me. Having said that, I couldn’t wait to share the link to her interview for your reading pleasure. Give it a click. I think you will enjoy learning new things about Ann.

Ann Jones


From: silver beans reviews

Subject: Congratulations! Your Interview is coming!

 Hi Ann,

 Your interview will be LIVE this weekend! Thank you for dropping by!

 Here is the link:

 Again, we loved your answers!


 Thank you,

Team SBC


Ann, I am so pleased for you: your new interview and that your work is to be shared with others.

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2 Responses to Ann Jones – Her new interview is fantastic!

  1. Eve you always make my day sparkle! Thank you!! 💖

  2. eve culley says:

    We learn from the best!

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