Interview with Sue Ford – Children’s Author as well as an Adult Romance Author

Hello Sue!

Sue Ford

It is nice to meet you! Tell us a bit about you where are you from and other than writing what else do you enjoy?

I grew up in a town in southern Oregon and only lived in two houses and one apartment (the latter with a girlfriend) before I got married. Since then we’ve lived in four states and ten cities all larger than where I grew up. I love trees, leaves, and going to the Oregon coast. I love spending time with family and friends. My church family has always been important to me wherever I’ve lived.

Have you ever thought about writing in a different genre? If you could, what genre would you like to dabble in?

For me, this adult book is writing in a different genre. When I initially started writing, I wanted to write for adults, but didn’t know any writers and didn’t know what to do with my writing. And I had a lot to learn. I ended up taking a correspondence course through the Institute of Children’s Literature and fell in love with kidlit. That’s where I spend most of my time. For children, I write under my maiden name, Susan Uhlig. My website is

Was there ever a time you wanted to pick up your laptop, and then launch it out the window with frustration?

Oh, yeah. Usually, it is with technical issues. And I’m good at computers, so when I get frustrated, look out!

Are you a “plotter” or a fly by the seat of your pants “pantser” as a writer?

I’m a pantser with a plan, although sometimes it is a very vague plan. When I start writing a novel, I usually have no idea for a title, so my files often get saved under the main character’s name.

What three tips would you give any aspiring writer?

One – read what you want to write. If you think “nothing it out there like my book,” most likely you are wrong.

Two – keep learning about the craft of writing.

Three – find your tribe. You need those who will encourage you, those who will challenge you, and those willing to look at your writing and tell you what is working and what isn’t working.

So… where can we get your books?

My adult book is on Amazon as an ebook and audiobook:

It can also be found on Audible:  

Does a big ego help or hurt writers?

A big ego hurts writers. You will be told by critique partners or beta readers that your work is not perfect, that sections confuse, that you’ve made grammar mistakes, that you’ve left out material or need to cut material. If you aren’t willing to accept constructive criticism, reviews are going to hurt even more.

What’s your writing schedule like?

I wish I was more consistent with my actual writing. It’s easy to get sucked into writing business stuff. I volunteer with the Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators. There’s researching agents (what I’m currently doing for my children’s lit) and writing query letters. Freelance editing. I’m an instructor for the Institute of Children’s Literature for the basic and advanced magazine writing course, too. Social media. Research for the actual writing. My weekly critique group. Maintaining logs for taxes and copying receipts, etc. Blogging. But I’m usually writing or doing the above in the mornings, breaking for lunch, then getting back at it in the afternoon, four to five days a week. Of course, there are the interruptions of necessary appointments or phone calls on those days. Sometimes, I write on Saturdays, too. Reading in my genres is usually reserved for late afternoons, evenings, and weekends.

How have your family and friends accepted your career as a writer? Are they supportive?

My husband and daughters have always been supportive. It’s a really good thing since I sure haven’t made much money! For the most part friends, who don’t write, don’t really “get it.” That’s why finding other writers to be with is so important for me. I’ve done it through conferences and writing events and through online groups, such as Facebook groups.

Where would you like to travel to and why?

I’d love to go to Australia and New Zealand. The latter was inspired by a book by Mary Stewart, the queen of romantic suspense. The book is called Touch Not the Cat and in it a character dreams about the Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand. The writing made me want to go! And then Peter Jackson built so many Lord of the Rings’ sets there for the movies. I want to see Bilbo’s hobbit hole! And as for Australia, koalas, kangaroos. And since I was a child, I’ve wanted to go to Africa and see the animals in their own settings.

What would you like readers to know?


SM Ford writes inspirational fiction for adults, although teens may find the stories of interest, too.

When she was 13 she got hooked on Mary Stewart’s romantic suspense books, although she has been a reader as long as she can remember, and is an eclectic reader. Inspirational authors she enjoys include: Francine Rivers, Bodie Thoene, Dee Henderson, Jan Karon, and many more.

SM Ford is a Pacific Northwest gal, but has also lived in the midwest (Colorado and Kansas) and on the east coast (New Jersey). She and her husband have two daughters and two sons-in-law and three grandsons. She can’t figure out how she got to be old enough for all that, however.

She loves assisting other writers on their journeys and is a writing teacher, speaker, mentor, and blogger about writing.

She also writes a monthly parenting column called Real Parenting for Pandora’s Box Gazette, an online magazine. Here’s a link to one of those columns: They are posted on the fourth Thursday of the month.

ALONE is an inspirational romantic suspense novel. It released from Clean Reads in June 2016 as an ebook.

Alone - 1

ALONE blurb:

Ready for adventure in the snowy Colorado mountains, Cecelia Gage is thrilled to be employed as the live-in housekeeper for her favorite bestselling author. The twenty-five-year-old doesn’t count on Mark Andrews being so prickly, nor becoming part of the small town gossip centering on the celebrity. Neither does she expect to become involved in Andrews family drama and a relationship with Simon Lindley, Mark’s oh-so-good-looking best friend. And certainly, Cecelia has no idea she’ll be mixed up in a murder investigation because of this job. Will Cecelia’s faith get her through all the trouble that lies ahead?


This ebook is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and iTunes.



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