Today’s the day!


Oh!  Did I remember to say how all aflutter I am? No ?  My bad!  Did I mention that today is the day?   Well, I am and it is!  So with trembling hands, tapping toes and way too much coffee, let me make a request of each of you.

Please surf over to The Author Show website and listen to my interview on my book- Further Adventures in Barn Town.  This is my first interview on the radio. It was an exciting, nervous, new adventure (grin) I thoroughly enjoyed.  Below is the information that will help you find the show.  It is on every hour for this 24 hour day.  I would also ask that you would please pass the information on to others who might like to listen.

14-Dec Eve Culley TX Further Adventures in Barn Town  Children Book
The Authors Show broadcasts simultaneously on 5 separate “channels” with one interview broadcasting per channel. The “Author Songwriters” show broadcasts on channel 6. All interviews play during the week for 24 hours starting at 12:01 am ET. Weekend featured author interviews rebroadcast for 3 days (Fri-Sat-Sun).


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Children's Author, micro-farmer in the great state of Texas
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