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Free Course on Book Advertisement on Amazon

Hi Eve,

Yup, you read that subject line correctly – I’m giving away my new full free course on AMS Book Advertisement.

With no catch…what so ever.

But first, let me tell you how it came about and what it can do for you.

A couple of months ago I met up with a Kindlepreneur reader for coffee.

They were a struggling author who couldn’t quite seem to make continuous books sales. They had built up a strong launch and then over the next couple of weeks saw the sales die off.

Sound familiar?

Out of frustration, they asked:

“Dave, what’s the one thing you recommend I do in order to see continuous book sales – my writing is good and people love it, but I can’t seem to sell over time!”

Dave: Simple, advertise your book on Amazon through AMS.

Author: Yeah, but isn’t that hard and cost a lot.

Dave: Not really. You could have an ongoing ad campaign setup in 15 minutes or less and set your price to whatever you are willing to spend…which you don’t need to spend much in order to see a return.

Author: Okay, sounds good…but I’m not a techie and it seems complicated.

Dave: It’s really not that hard, but…hmm…there really isn’t a good guide out there to help give you what you need to succeed.

After that coffee meeting, I tried putting together an article on Kindlepreneur but quickly realized this wouldn’t be enough.

My goal with Kindlepreneur is to create content that not only works, but gives readers enough information to be able to turn around, take action, and see results.

But an article wouldn’t be enough to deliver on this mission.

There was only one thing to do – spend the next couple of months creating the best course possible on the AMS book advertisement system.

And…make it absolutely free.

So, what can AMS do for you?
  • Allows you to promote your book next to any other book on Amazon
  • Allows your book to show up in any search result you choose
  • Can revive a book that isn’t making any sales
  • Get’s your book in front of more readers
  • Ultimately – gets you more sales
Basically, AMS book advertisement gives you the power to show your book to whatever book buyers you want, whenever you want on Amazon.

And Book Advertising on Amazon is a skill that I strongly believe EVERY author should learn and develop.

And although this course has everything you need to create a profitable ad on Amazon, you can easily finish the course in one weekend.

It includes 3+ hours of video instruction, notes, quizzes, and even case studies.

So, sign up and take my absolutely FREE course on AMS Book Advertisements.

One More Thing

Today, myself and other authors like Steve Scott, will be giving free lessons on book marketing at the Bestseller Summit Online which again, costs absolutely nothing.

So, make sure to check that out.

Dave Chesson
The No Cost AMS Sensei

PS: Forgot to mention that I got an email from that author recently saying that after taking my AMS course, they had an immediate improvement to their book’s rankings and are enjoying the continuous sales.  Mission accomplished!
PPS: If you take the course and find it useful, make sure to share it with others.

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