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It may not seem like something to be sentimental about, but I’ve only known this microwave in my home. It’s been around as long as I can remember, then my parents gave it to me when I moved out in college, and I’ve kept it since. So it’s been around for about 30 years. I haven’t had any other technological tools that have stuck around that long. I feel like if you can hang around for thirty years doing something well, then you should at least get mentioned by somebody. 💠 You know when I think about it, aren’t we all like a microwave? Each one useful in its own way. Some are smaller than others. Some can cook a turkey. Some people think microwaves aren’t needed. Some people can’t live without a microwave (raises hand). Regardless, the microwave is there. The microwave gets a certain amount of time to do its job. The microwave has a certain amount of influence on the object placed within its grasp. The microwave makes that thing better. That microwave changes the thing it influences. The microwave doesn’t assume it needs to cook the whole thanksgiving dinner; it simply heats one item at a time, not worrying about other meals it may cook or future potatoes to bake or past exploded butter sticks. 💠 Be a useful microwave today. 💜 

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