Astro’s Adventures: From Emails to 12 Fabulous Children’s Books

My name is Susan Day and I have been writing children’s books for over seven years now.

I created the Astro’s Adventures series of books way back in 2010, after an email exchange with a friend.

Our dogs used to play together, and she hadn’t come to the park for a few days. I learned that her dog, Astro, had been injured and had to be confined so he didn’t continue to hurt himself.

Astro, being one of the most spoiled dogs in the universe, was whining and complaining about his ‘imprisonment’.

I sent an email saying that my dog would rescue him just for a joke, and the rest as they say, was history.

Astros Adventures The Great EscapeThe first book in the Astro’s Adventures series, The Great Escape, begins with those actual emails, and goes on to rescue Astro. I decided to create a secret organization manned by dogs who rescue other dogs from neglect.

After the dog rescue team learned that Astro was only being confined for his own good and hadn’t been cruelly imprisoned, they decided to teach him a lesson and took him to a dog pound to show him how some poor dogs are neglected and treated.

When Astro sees the plight of other dogs who are surrendered for not fault of their own, he stages the greatest escape of all.

Astro’s owner and I were heavily involved with rescuing dogs, and I was a dog trainer at the time, so I wrote about what I knew.

The Golden Treasure, and Another Doggie Star is Born

While I was learning how to write, edit and illustrate The Great Escape I adopted a blind puppy. I called her Stella D’oro, which meant golden star.

I just knew she had to part of the rescue team, but I wasn’t sure how.

All the other dog characters were based on real dogs and cats. I looked at each personality and focused on one or two things, and created funny, quirky dogs that I knew kids would love.

Stella was different, though. She couldn’t see and it took me a while to realize how to include her.

It wasn’t until I saw her use her instincts and hearing to weave her way around the legs of the dining table and all the chairs that the idea came to me.

Her special ‘power’ would be her ability to know what was going to happen before it did. Just like she knew there was a table leg coming up and stepped around it.

12 Books and Counting

If you write for children you’ll know that it is a wonderful experience, and sort of addictive.

The characters in my books have been part of my life for over seven years now, and I think of them as real ‘beings’. I really enjoy writing for them, and spending time with them as I send them on some pretty crazy adventures.

So far, there are 12 books in the Astro’s Adventures series.

They cover every topic including ghosts, a journey into space, an underwater adventure, and trips to exotic places including China, India and Ireland.

At present, I am working on a cowboy themed adventure for book 13.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of writing stories about Astro and the other dogs, but I hope I don’t.

They have also allowed me to go to schools and encourage children to be better writers and readers.

It’s been a pleasure sharing my journey as a children’s author with you. I’d love to hear of your experiences of books and writing.

About Susan Day


Susan Day is a passionate author, educator and, of course, a grandmother. She wants to empower all grandparents to build meaningful relationships with their grandchildren. Discover here the Top 10 Things Happy Grandparents Never Regret Doing.

Also, her blog, Astro’s Adventures Book Club, is full of ideas and tips for grandparents who want to build a strong relationship with their grandchildren through reading and sharing books.

Susan lives in country Australia with four dogs, three bossy cats, three rescue guinea pigs, an errant kangaroo.

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