The newest member of my literary family:

The second book in the Barn Town series has just been released by Clean Reads. It gives me great pleasure to present my baby to the world. The Oohs and Aahs are much appreciated. Thank you. So, without further ado, as they say, please welcome the newest member of my literary family.




Further Adventures in Barn Town is written in a feline narrative by a life-long resident, Ol’ Stripe (Deputy of Barn Town) and he shares the highlights of life in Barn Town – a barn situated on a large farm with the readers. Deputy Stripe does all he can to keep his eyes and ears open in order to maintain peace and order, with a hilarious outcome.



All night long I was in the trap and with that horrible, horrible smell.  It was embarrassing.  At least the smell kept all the night creatures away from me.  However, I could hear the owls across the street laughing and the mice from the barn were dancing in the yard with glee.  Then to make matters worse, oh so much worse, at daylight my shame and embarrassment hit a new low. 




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