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I keep seeing other “clean” writers asking, “Where or how can I get reviews on my books?” It’s a tough question. Many of my reviews on Amazon come from people who know me, read my book, and took the time to write a review. I’ve submitted my book to some places who offer reviews as well as other book publicity sites. Perhaps it would be helpful for others to see the results.

Review Sites

Highlighted Author
Submission to review – a month and a half. Site is evidently closed now.

Long and Short Reviews
Submission to review just under 3 months.

Readers Favorite
From time of submission to review being published took 6 months.

In addition, I had a number of sites where I filled out the information and nothing happened with it. Some even included an offer of book giveaways.

Book Listing Sites – these usually show the cover, blurb and bio. Some you can request specific dates.

Book posted in a month.

Book of the Day
Submission to posting was one week. Now 9 months later can’t find the listing.

Discount Bookman
Book posted less than a month after I requested it.

Book listed for a week the same month I requested listing. Small images of covers that are clickable.

Under a week before my book was posted. I’m also in their author directory with links to my website and my book on Amazon.

Readers Gazette
Didn’t keep accurate records of submission time, but they tweeted about my book for months, plus did a book quiz.

As you can see, I had better luck with these sites.


I met other writers, mainly through my publisher’s Facebook page, and some other Facebook groups, who were looking for someone to write topics, or to interview, or who did cover releases. Each time, of course, I could include info about my book and my bio. Often, purchase links and a link to my website were included. At the current moment, I’ve been on twelve different blogs.

Promotion Service

I also used a promotion service and they got my book listed on various sites for a Promo Tour. Here’s one of the sites where they sent my info: These often included an excerpt.

Newspapers and Magazines

My local newspaper has a place for “Local authors’ recent offerings”—these are very short listings, but they did print my info.

InDtale Magazine


One last resource I want to share—a post titled “Review Gathering: The Good, the Bad, and the Morally Gray” by H. L. Burke.  It’s definitely worth a read.

Maybe this info will be of help to you. If you have any tips to share or questions, feel free to comment.

7/25/2017 11:52:23 pm

Thank you for this info.


7/26/2017 10:52:35 am

I didn’t mention that I have done some paid listings. Fussy Librarian was one of those and I started a little over a month from when I wanted my sale to be announced. Hard to know how much it helped as my publisher was also doing pushes on the book at the time. In any case, I did have an upswing in the ranking of my book on Amazon during the sale.



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