Micah is missing….


Hubby came into the house exhausted.

He had gone out to feed and put animals in the barn for the night. He delayed going out until his TV show was over. It was dark then. Not your normal dark but black, can’t see in front of your face dark. His headlamp made a little halo of soft light in front of his feet and usually, it was enough to light to get the job done. Everybody was hunkered down by the closed barn door. Stepping over chickens squatting on the ground and ducks moodily milling about he opened the barn door and began to usher in the critters.

In went the seven quacking ducks and the softly muttering hoard of chickens into the recesses of the barn. The gaggle of geese were hissing and loudly complaining about being moved from their selected spot as they followed the leader, single file into the barn.

Hubby turned around looking for the goats who were standing by the feed trough. Five tired mamas trotted into the barn and eight sleepy, wobbly babies slowly followed their path. But no daddy around.

Hubby called for Micah, the daddy, to come but no answer.  So he searched the area around the barn. No Micah. The wind was starting to blow in short cold gusts. Hubby buttoned up his jacket and pulled his gloves from his pocket, sliding them on over chilled fingers. He continued to scan the area for Micah.

With no visual sign of Micah and not hearing him answer the call, hubby trudged back to the house.  Looking for Micah would have to wait until morning.

About eve culley

Children's Author, micro-farmer in the great state of Texas
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