My First Royalty Check…

I just received notification that I have my first royalty “check”!


Paid by

Astraea Press, LLC

___________  _____________  ___________

Note from Astraea Press, LLC

Thank you!


It is not a huge amount but so exciting never-the-less.

To me, it is just as important as when the book was first published as an ebook. It is like the other half of the page.  The completion of the book.  The seal of approval by the buyers of the book if that makes any sense.

You may have seen in stores where the owner has framed their very first dollar from a sale and put it on display. Well, I think that I am going to do something along those lines.  I haven’t worked out all the details and I am open to suggestions. So, fire away!

I also appreciate you letting me bubble over with my new found joy and spill onto your plate this evening. Now pardon me while I go do my happy dance!





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