Pigs with feathers

For those of you who do not have pigs with feathers the information I impart may come as a bit of a suprise. However, those of you who do own pigs with feathers know I speak the truth.

OK, so what are pigs with feathers you ask.  Well, that is a very good and fair question.  Some of you may call them by a different name and that is fine by me.  But daily I see them in action.  Mud on the face.  Wallowing in the water, dirt and digging in the mud is standard practice.  I have holes in the yard where they have drilled down into the dirt to make it more comfortable for them. Squabbles over who has the best hole is loud and common.  Vocal accusations are hurled at me every morning if I do not empty, clean and refill the waterers fast enough to suit them.  Once filled there is a push and shove match over who can get into the water first. Little tap dances are done to squish the mud into the proper depth desired.  They do love their mud baths.

Pigs with feathers can come in any color, shape and size; different breeds are common as well, at least here at our little place.  So, what are pigs with feathers you may ask.  Well, I suppose you could call them ducks, but I think that is to kind of a word.  Yep, pigs with feathers is much, much better description.

ducks-in-mud        muddy-ducks-2


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