Runaway Ducks

The fighting between the geese and the ducks came to a head the other day.  Let me tell you what happened.
But first a bit of back ground on the events going on in Barn Town.  The geese are notorious for being the barn town police want-to-be.  They feel that it is their duty to enforce the law according to how happening events effect the geese.  Since Opera and Drummer are sitting on a clutch of approx. 12 eggs nothing is allowed to be with five feet of the nest.

geese                                                                                                                                         The chicken coop is home to not only the chickens, ducks, geese but the baby rabbit nursery is there as well.  Never-the-less, Button and Brother feel it is their duty to keep enforce the “No Fly Zone” in the chicken coop where everyone lives.  This as you can imagine causes quite a ruckus with everyone else. Hubby is constantly telling the geese to be quiet but I must say, it does little good.  The noise that the geese make is equivalent to nails on a black board.  Just horrible. But I digress, or to put it another way, I took a rabbit trail.  Sorry.

This particular morning, Hubby opened the chicken coop door and out marched single file the ducks.  Around the corner of the barn and stepping lightly to the top of pasture they went.  The geese, on the other hand, meandered more or less in a single file out to the easilver welsh harlequin henst pasture.   We didn’t hear or see the ducks for the rest of the day.  That in itself should have been a clue to us that something was amiss.

Evening comes and with it the night time feeding.  We do a head count to make sure that everyone is back in the barn.  The count goes like this:  6 goats, check; 7 chickens, check; 8 baby bunnies, check; 5 adult rabbits, check; 4 ducks….., 4 ducks….  Hmm, Hubby comes and finds me and says “The ducks are gone.” I look at him and say, “Gone where?” (I know this conversation is not very wordy, pithier actually but hey after 45 yrs. of marriage we’ve developed a shorthand of sorts.) I get a shrug from him and he goes to sit down.  I just look at him (short hand again for Get your butt up and let’s go find the ducks.) He sighs and grabs a flashlight and out the door we go.

After 45 minutes of tripping over dead wood hidden in the grass, hubby notifies me in a terse voice that he spies the ducks two house down next to the neighbor’s fence.  So, over the 1st neighbor’s field gate, across the land mine of weeds, downed wood and rusted vehicles he makes it to the 2nd. neighbor’s fence.  By this time the ducks have settled down for the night. They do not appreciate being told they have to go home.  Finally they reluctantly agree and head back to our barn.  Once there they will not go into the chicken coop but go around back of the barn to an old lean to.  By this time hubby doesn’t care if the coyotes do eat them.  He leaves them where they are and comes into the house.  I wisely refrain from any comment to him as he stomps into the bedroom and then into the bed.  I wait until he is asleep before joining him.

The next morning he and our grandson repair the fence only to find at night they (the ducks) have found another place to escape through.  They are returned home by my fearless hubby and locked into the lean to for several days. Food and water given every day to the prisoners.  As soon as the ducks were released they returned to their escape method.

Last night hubby boarded off a long, long section of fence and this morning as soon as the ducks were released straight to the fence they headed. (Ducks can waddle very fast.)
Confronted with the increased security sections of fence, the ducks paced it off and they went to the watering hole to plan a new way of escaping.  Coming back to the fence from a different angle did not give them the avenue of escape they were looking for.

I can tell from the looks on their face that this war is not over. Just a cease fire for now at the entrance to the forbidden land.



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