News Alet: 3 a.m. Culley Barn Update

(reposted from 2014 on the Eve Culley Blog)

At 3 a.m. the peaceful quiet of the Culley Barn was destroyed. Rooster Cogburn  and fellow cronies struck yet again. The CBG (Culley Barn Gang) had look-outs, the Welsh Harlequin duo, standing watch over the area.  They notified the gang that the time had come to awaken the sleeping dogs and to attack in the pre dawn hours.


Sherriff Culley was awaken by the townspeople and sent on his way to apprehend this troublesome, noisy gang and bring peace and quiet to the Culley Barn once more.  So with his trusty flashlight and shepherd’s crook by his side, he departed with nightshirt tails flapping in the brisk breeze to complete this humane task.

Into the vast, dark, treacherous area our heroic sheriff departed being mindful of all the slick and slippery land mines the CBG had placed in his path.  It was a difficult task the sheriff related upon his return. The sly Cogburn had hid among his gang while taunting the irate sheriff with venomous calls of “you can’t catch me” ringing in his ears.  At last he trailed Cogburn to a lofty perch and tried to poked him with his staff. But Cogburn was to quick and sly for our gallant sheriff.  The gang leader slide into the darkness again with one last vicious cry of “I’ll be back” and disappeared into the crevices of unsearchableness.

The tired and cold sheriff was forced to return to the warmth of his bed. Dire predictions made by the sheriff were about the eventual outcome of Rooster Cogburn’s life on earth. At long last an uneasy quiet fell over the Culley Barn as creatures great and small returned to sleep and dreaming of yet another uprising in the CBG.

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