excerpt from Further Adventures in Barn Town (yet to be published)

Chapter 3 – Oh What A Night

I was sound asleep. I was enjoying my sleep. I had a really cool dream going on. I was dreaming about that pesky lizard that lived under the rusty bucket in the corner. I was so going to catch that speedy little lizard this time. It was quiet all over Barn Town and very peaceful. It was a cool fall night and the wind was gently blowing off and on so soft on my fur. The kind of night that made sleeping great. What a wonderful thing to be this comfortable. It was great. It was marvelous. It was heaven.Stripe sleeping

Soft breathing from the goats. Quiet quaking snores from ducks.  Warm hay  to snuggle under and soft paws to put the head on, to put it simply, it was a perfect night for sleeping.  Into this restful, peaceful, tranquil scene chaos spewed its ugly head.

Screeching, honking, bleating, clacking at decibels that hurt the ear rolled across Barn Town like the destruction of a tornado. Honey and other residents of Village House rose up in their beds wondering what had attacked them.  I tried pulling more hay over my ears in hopes that it would block out that terrible noise.  Lights came on in Village House and I could hear mutterings and mumblings that didn’t bode well for whoever caused this to happen. I was in complete agreement with those statements. To say the least it was a violent awaking thrusting all from peaceful dreamland to awake in less than a heartbeat.  I ran from the loft to the bedroom window and saw as the Sheriff cracked open one eye and then I saw him just pulled the covers back over his head and rolled back to sleep. How he could do that was beyond me. Honey was trying to identify the horrible sounds. As the noise continued and everyone more or less woke up except the Sheriff. The noise was identified as coming from Barn Town.  Honey with a last look at the Sheriff determined that he was not getting out of bed. So it would fall to her to investigate the commotion. I watched as Honey, in a rolling gait reminiscent of a sailor’s first time on shore after being at sea for years, gathered her favorite weapon, a blue handled straw broom, and went to Barn Town. I scurried back to the loft and peered over the edge.  I wanted to be sure I was out of her way as she came out into Barn Town.


She did not look happy and the broom was gripped tighter in her hand. What awaited her was a shock to the eyes. Dax, the Crested Peking duck, had managed in the black  darkness of the night to corner Little Girl and was whaling on the wee Harlequin Welch little duck for all he was worth with his bill and   wings. He was just pounding on her and looking like he was  having a great time doing it to my eyes. He looked to be about three times her size and probably three times her weight as well. All of the geese were in a circle honking and screeching at what was going on and the hens were running around clacking at the top of their voices.  The goats were leaning on the gate bleating and stomping their feet.  Let me tell you, it was a sight to see. It was bedlam. But no one was trying to stop Dax from beating up on Little Girl.  Honey moved in with her broom held high  above her head like it was some kind of awesome weapon and very much prepared to use it. Honey was yelling for Dax to stop. I was ready and willing to move in and help in any way that I could.  I could see Dax had no intention what so ever  desire to stop this beating on Little Girl. Then Wham, Honey lets loose with the broom swings. Big wide swipes and slams on top of Dax and anyone else that was in the way. This began causing  everyone to scatter and I got the heck out of the way as well.  Back up to the loft I went as fast as I could go.

Loud complains of “why did you hit me” were heard by all with Dax’s being the loudest.  Honey just kept swinging until at last quiet resumed with everyone running and hiding from her. Me included as I stayed up in the loft. I wanted no part of the end of that broom. She returned to Village House muttering about stupid ducks and people needing their sleep. I was duly impressed by her as she had a wicked swing with that broom.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                No more had she gotten back to sleep when it began again.  With scrHoney in pjseeching, honking, bleating, clacking at loud levels, I could see through the window Honey was upset and began shaking the Sheriff.  I heard her informing him in a very loud voice that he would get up out of bed and that he would go this time.  She had enough of that duck for one night. If he didn’t straighten up his act she would put him in the freezer. Enough was enough.  During this rant by Honey the Sheriff slowly rose from his bed, grabbing jeans and shoes and made his escaped to Barn Town.  I sat at a safe distance away from everyone wondering what exactly was about to happen.

I soon found out.  The same scene greeted the Sheriff. In fact it was like it had never stopped, that Honey had never even came to Barn Town. Dax was back to his bullying again and Little Girl was crying for help.  The Sheriff grabbed his staff and began swinging at whoever was close by him. In quick session the Sheriff had dispatched critters.  Geese, ducks and chickens flew back in the direction of their pens and huddled in the corners away from the Sheriff.  The Sheriff continued swinging at Dax several times with the end of this staff encouraging Dax to leave Little Girl alone and to go back to his nest. Finally after getting whacked and whacked and whacked, Dax got the idea that he was to leave Little Girl alone. Dax left mumbling about how the Sheriff was always taking everyone else side against him.  He continued complaining about how he didn’t really hurt her after all and I heard other nonsense like that as he waddled away on his way back home.  I thought someone needed to explain to him what bullying really was but I wasn’t sure it would do any good.  A fence post might learn quicker than Dax for he was just an out and out bully.  But as the Sheriff always says, “We still have to try and teach even fence posts right from wrong.” The geese were encouraged with swishes of the staff to move on back to their area as well and the chickens were told to go to their coop.  Finally only Little Girl, the harlequin welch duck, was left. She was shaking and trembling but could not move. Her deformed foot was caught in the twine on the barn town floor and she could not flee.  The Sheriff with soothing, kind and soft words picked her up and began gently to untangle her foot. At the end her foot was free and she was calm. Peace once more reigned in barn town and throughout all the upheaval the biggest trouble maker, Rooster Cogburn, had remained quiet and unseen.

As quiet returned to Barn Town, I settled back down to sleep and wondered what Cogburn was planning.  It was not like him to miss stirring up the folk and adding to the mischief of the moment.  He was being entirely too quiet for my peace of mind. What was going on in that rooster’s mind? We would all too soon find out what that rooster had planned.

shephaed staff

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