Murdered you say?

 What can I tell you, son of mine? I could tell you of heartbreak, hatred blind, I could tell of crimes that shame mankind, Of brutal wrong and deeds malign, Of rape and murder, son of mine; But I’ll tell instead of brave and fine When lives of black and white entwine, And men in brotherhood combine This would I tell you, son of mine. 

Kathleen Jean Mary Ruska


Murder!  It brings out the emotional roller coaster in us all.  It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are on.  Everyone is passionate about murder.  But to be able to bring that passion, that color of emotion to our writing is something else.  To bring that level of communication, to instill in the reader that this character that we (as the writer) have decided to kill, for whatever reason, is worthy of their concern is a task we must all strive to conquer.

Listen to James Patterson as he speaks about it and please ignore the commercial teasing of the ad.

(lead time is a little long – sorry)

As a children’s book author, murder is a little bit out of line, over the top, hush – don’t say the word topic, but never-the-less it intrigues me.  I think your mind set must not only be darker but also a little bit heartless and have the accuracy of a surgeon; otherwise how could you do away with something that you have sweat blood and tears over to get it just right.   I admire that quality.  I also envy that the fact that you can scare the what for right out of me and I will still come back for more.

All in all this is a different type of post for me but it’s the mood I’m in today.  The barrage of people, acts of their will, good or bad are slung at my mind night and day with the accuracy of a heat seeking missile and are absorbed by my sponge of a mind.  Topics float around in there until a sliver of one rises to the top.  Today is was murder of a character. Tomorrow, who knows?

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