The Attack of the Redcoat

written January 3, 2015 – Adventures in Barn Town

In a previous post it was mentioned that Little Girl was no longer with Barn Town. The sheriff’s wife did much research on who was responsible for this dastardly deed.  It was suggested that an owl, coon or possum might be the attacker and there was the offhand chance that a fox might be responsible. But no further proof presented itself and the mystery was left unsolved.

A few days later the sheriff was in Barn Town chit chatting with the locals when a         peculiar critter was spotted.  At first the sheriff thought it was one of the red hens fox-1sitting against the east wall of Barn Town but something was not right with the picture.  The sheriff rose from his chair for a closure look and the sly face of a red male fox looked at him for a second or two before fleeing for safety.

Even though this dog fox was an efficient nocturnal hunting creature, here he was in Barn Town in the early morning hours.  Mostly likely Mr. Redcoat was scoping out his next attack on Barn Town when he was spotted.  Although the sheriff was of a kinder nature toward the fox allowing that Mr. Redcoat was mostly trying to supply food for his vixen, the sheriff’s wife commented that he would make a pretty hat if he didn’t hunt somewhere else.  Perhaps glasses were in order as the chickens and ducks bore no resemblance to field mice or small birds that Mr. Redcoat was supposed to be hunting. But whatever the reason he was hunting in Barn Town: poor vision, hunger, or reasons not yet discovered, Mr. Redcoat would be vigorously encouraged to hunt elsewhere.

A plea went out for help and Tony C. (kind man that he is) responded that he would be more than glad to help. He even said he would relocate Mr. Redcoat. Plans were made for a live trap to be placed and then the rains began.

Rains, cold winds, ice on fences change everything. As in a big city when bad weather hits and the people (good or bad) stay holed up so it was in Barn Town. The goats refused to leave their pen and the rabbits hunkered down to stay dry. However, as in any town you have those that are not so smart.  So it was with the ducks, geese and yes the silly, silly chickens who waded through mud puddles, pouring rain and ice pellets to go outside.  The sheriff and his wife retreated to the warmth of Village House and watched in awe at the actions of those outside.  Mad dashes were made to Barn Town to shake off the rain, gobble food and sort out feathers only to once dry return to the rain swept outside again.

When the rains have stopped and the ground has dried plans will once again be implemented on the capture of Mr. Redcoat. Until then sir, enjoy your freedom.

It is short lived.


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