Chickens are us??


Several years ago we got chickens, ducks, geese and goats. I helped with the feeding and the watering but most of the interaction with the animals was my hubby’s gig. They would follow him around. They would lean on him to be petted and loved on and shadowed him everywhere he went. Most of the time the four footed family ignored me. Then we started to incubate the eggs and watch the chicks grow.

The first group of three was a rooster (we think) and two little pullets (girls). They were confined until they reached an age where they would be safe with the adult chickens. Two of our hens started to sit on eggs as did one of our geese. Again, not much interaction from me. The three young chicks were dubbed “Juniors” and would allow hubby to pet them and pick them up. The hens hatched out seven chicks between them and the geese had two goslings. Again, things were quote normal as hubby interacted with the babies more than me. Then the grandchildren arrived for a visit.

We hatched out four baby chicks and the grandkids from day one would pick them up and love on them and the chicks would love them back. After two weeks the grandkids went home and the babies missed them and would cry for attention. So, I started to pick them up and pet them so they would hush. Fast forward to when the babies are feathered enough to be outside with the other chickens. Strange happenings occur to me.

When I go outside now the four “baby” chicks’ rush to be with me and talk to me. They weave in and around my feet as I walk and stay as close as they can. When I sit in my outside chair they are huddled between my feet and sit quickly and quietly with me. When I go inside, they walk me to the door, climb the stairs with me and watch me go inside before they leave. I am amazed at the devotion I get from these little chicks. When I pick them up and pet them, they close their eyes and just lean into my hands.

I have always been a dog person first and then a cat person. I guess I am now a chicken person as well. Go figure.

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