The Two Bunny Escape

It was the middle of summer in Barn Town. Hot, sticky, humid weather made it miserable to be outside which was, of course, where the bunnies were. Early in the morning, before it was really light, while Barn Town was full of eerie shaped shadows, the four baby bunnies heard hollow footsteps echoing off the walls. Of course, they weren’t really babies any more. They were old enough to live in a separate cage beside their mama.

They had been born two months before and had lived with their mama. B.B. There was Ebony, who was as black as midnight without any moon light. She was so black that even her eyes were black. Next was Twinkie, she was a soft creamy white with pink nose, pink eyes and pink inside her ears. She was the quietest one of the four bunnies. Then there was Sparkle. Her fur was so white that the tips of her fur shimmered in the sun light. Her eyes were a soft brown, the color of a caramel candy. The last bunny was just like his daddy, Harvey. He was black and white like the milk cow with dark brown eyes and his name was Moo-Dee.

They were in a very large cage. In another month they would go into separate cages where they would stay as they finished growing up. Then they would go their individual ways into their new forever homes. The owners, Sherriff and Honey took very good care of them. They were fed twice a day with fresh water, lots of hay to chew on; plus they had big fans blowing air on them so they would stay cool in the Texas heat. They had a roof over them and open spaces around them. Life was so very good for the bunnies. Then in the middle of the hot moonless summer night, they heard footsteps.

The bunnies had been sleeping but the sound of footsteps so out of place woke them. As the ducks started low quaking, CJ, the rooster, started a low clucking of warning. The geese were shifting uneasily and moved to put the goslings in the middle of the group. The two mama hens clucked anxiously to draw their chicks even closer to the underside of their wings. All of the bunnies’ ears were twitching back and forth trying to catch the sound of the footstep as they drew nearer. The bunnies’ wide eyes turned toward their mama seeking direction of what to do. B.B. quietly hushed them and turned her head back toward the steadily creeping closer footsteps. Something was very wrong.


excerpt from More Adventures in Barn Town – book 2

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