The Writer’s Face: Four Phases of Drafts

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I am presently in Phase 1:  Writing Draft

I find very early mornings are the best time for me to write.  House is quiet.  Barn is mostly quiet.  Music on soft.  Just me and my laptop.  Oh yes, coffee (1 cup) and large bottle of peach water and toast.  I am there when the sun shows its face.  I really enjoy this time.  I have different pages up. One for research, one for general notes, one for character notes, one for draft and the draft of the book in – process.  So if I have a rabbit trail I want to go down I have a place to put it and can continue on as the characters lead. 

I am a newbie to the publishing world and I am sure this process shall refine as I grow as a writer.  I have written for years off and on as the spirit led so to speak.  Now is the time for me to get serious.  I look forward to the blank screens that are ahead of me.

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