Service Dogs

Due to my own need for a service dog for my mobility, or lack thereof, I have been avidly reading everything I can get my hands on about service dogs.  I have found that depending on the need of the person any dog can be trained as a service dog.  In other words, service dogs are not restricted to a particular breed but rather the desire of the individual dog determines whether or not that dog can be a service dog.  I like that.  I do not like pigeon hole mentality as I tend to be a square peg in a life of round holes.  I firmly believe in the individual worth of a life whether it is a dog or a person.  I think much is lost in the contribution of a person’s life or a dog’s life by people predetermining the ability of someone, some dog without allowing them to show what they really are capable of becoming. 

That is what this video is about. An unlikely breed becoming a blessing, a help to so many people by being a service dog.

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