Childrens Book Authors – Poll

Thank you Penny Shriver for sharing this post with me.  It looks like it could be very interesting. I will continue to watch and see how it goes.

Children’s Book Authors- Poll

Have you written a children’s book and published it?

If so, I would like your feedback on a special non profit program that I am developing with an author association of which I am a member.

The ultimate objective of the program is to get your book exposure in schools everywhere, like Scholastic does for the big publishing houses, but on a higher level and with more fun for the students.

Benefits to Schools:

  1. Students have fun with an excerpt of your book
  2. Students get to discover you
  3. Students get to meet authors and talk to them
  4. Teachers get free, scorable, literature assignments to can use for grades
  5. Teachers and students will have the opportunities for scholarships

Benefits to Authors:

  1. Pay one fee per book for a lifetime membership
  2. Receive interactive exposure for your book to thousands of school children annually
  3. The best excerpt of your book becomes interactive
  4. The more fun children have with your book, the more they want it
  5. You can visit classrooms without leaving your house

Is it feasible to do?

  • Yes. I can do it right now.

Is it a program children’s book authors would partake of?

  • That’s what I want to find out… so take my poll below and I will give you 20% off one book enrollment when the program opens, plus your book could be the first one in the program set to begin in Fall 2015.

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