The Tooth Fairy Should Be Talked To About the Economy…Just Saying

My brain was tired and I was sitting in my chair while hubby had the TV on.  I mute commercials and he does not.  So in a way this post is his fault.  Anyway, I am sitting there trying to rest and I hear this Google commercial about the tooth fairy and how today’s kids are getting $3.90 per tooth.  Per tooth??  I just knew I had misheard the amount so today I started researching tooth fairy prices.  Good thing I was sitting down.

From what I have read on various sites and articles, Google is wrong.  The tooth fairy leaves anywhere from $5.02 in Boston to $13.25 in New York City ( per tooth.  There is even a tooth fairy calculator ( if you are unsure what to leave.  It seems there is an annual poll taken on what the tooth fairy leaves ( ) with pricing for the international tooth fairy as well.

The reason: parents do not want their child to have received the lowest amount of money when the kids are evidently comparing bank accounts at the play ground.  Home schooling sounds better and better all the time.

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