Free Range Kids

Free Range Kids is a phrase I am being to hear.  I was unware of what this phrase meant.  After the third or perhaps the fourth time I heard this phrase,  I decided to find out what it meant.  What I found was very interesting.  It is suppose to be raising children like their parents were raised with freedom to explore and do things without the “helicopter” parent being there.  Brings questions to mind of safety for the child who lives in the big city, small city or really anywhere there are people.  Preditors are everywhere we are told.  No one is safe so we hear.

Even the description is telling.  Free Range is a term I use for my chickens, ducks and geese.  It means they roam all over the property, all day long and I don’t see them until night fall.  This style of parenting is also called, “Slow Parenting”.  It doesn’t get any better with time.  I think if I were to use this type of parenting, I would surely come up with a different name for it.

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