10 Real-Life Strategies for Caring for Someone With Memory Loss

My husband is in the beginnings of  Alzheimer’s disease.  Some days are good and some days are “Oh my goodness gives us both strength to survive the day.”  The last few days have been an “Oh my goodness days”.  I am sure there are others out there with similar sistuations.  This is one of the reasons I write.  I need a place where I can be in control for a bit, where things are calm and peaceful.  This sight offers suggestions about real life occurances and how to cope.  I found it helpful and hopefully you will as well.

 10 Real-Life Strategies for Caring for Someone With Memory Loss

What seems like the right thing to do can have the opposite effect

By Family Caregiver Alliance | April 21, 2012
Caregivers often use intuition to help decide what to do. No one gives lessons on how to relate to someone with memory loss.

Unfortunately, dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias is counterintuitive; i.e., often the right thing to do is exactly opposite that which seems like the right thing to do.

Here is some practical advice: clink link for more)


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